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You Don't Need A CMO is a marketing syndicate like no other. We connect dozens of top-rated agencies and freelancers to crowdsource robust marketing strategies for startups. We work with hundreds of brands and companies, and we'll help you get long-term, well-paying brand projects while working with you to expand your brand.

Let's Face It...

The influencer industry is full of malpractice, deception, and hassle - on both sides. For influencers, abundant gatekeepers make it impossible to create true rewarding relationships with brands. Your manager assures you they have you covered, then weeks later you find yourself without pay, waiting on your representation to find you another one-time opportunity.

We work hands-on with brands. It's our primary business. And we know which ones are ready to enter high-paying partnerships with influencers.

What You Get

How We Work


Personal Brand Assessment

We spend 2 weeks assessing your brand, coming up with a 6-12 month strategic growth plan. We may hook you up with our graphic designer or world class video producers if we think it will help.


Network Distribution

We create a brand doc breaking down your audience, benefits, and image in deep detail. We shoot this around to all of our clients for review, in person.


Saturation and Closes

Within 6 Weeks, we have serious, long term offers with some of the top brands in the country.

Our Rates

Working with You Don´t Need A CMO is a commitment on both ends. We require an exclusive management structure where we handle your marketing from front to back. All communication must flow through us - in return for this commitment, there is no up-front fee for any of our services. Instead, we have a flat percentage fee.

- 25% of Contract Value on Introductions Made in Network.
- 15% on All Other Contracts.

In short, we don´t make money if you don´t.

Ready to Talk?

We will send you everything you need to get started and get a meeting with our reps.


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Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number+1 646-531-4297